Carrington K.

Plant Lover and Plant Eater

Homegrown - adj- something grown or produced from one's garden or country.


Parts Homegrown with Carrington LLC is my way of showing you all that you can live a fulfilling, sustainable and joyful life with a minimalist, plant based diet and lifestyle. I believe that there should be more value placed in high quality things like experiences, goods and what you consume than a high quantity of them. I am invested in documenting what I love and how I live so show you that anybody live naturally along with nature. Whether it is spending time with a loved one, in the kitchen or in the great outdoors, I will be explaining the beauty of life in a light that has yet to be shined on the people. So I hope you enjoy my work and search for what parts of your life are homegrown.

I have always had a passion for everything delicious and divine. I was taught how to cook by my family members and many hours of binge watching Food Network growing up. My biggest inspiration to explore food all over the world is the late Anthony Bourdain. Therefore I decided to combine my love for traveling, connecting with others and food to create this platform. Vegan cuisine is a growing market therefore the exploration of this growth will captivate the hearts of vegan and non-vegan alike. 

I attended the University of Virginia obtaining two Bachelor's of Arts in Philosophy and African American & African Studies with a minor in Global Sustainability. Formerly a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Vegan for over 4 years. When I am not in the kitchen or on a plane, I can be found hanging out with dogs and loved ones or probably doing some yoga.

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