Belle Coffee & Wine

Charlottesville seems to always be opening a new restaurant every year. Belle Coffee & Wine just popped up over in the Belmont area about a few weeks ago. I didn't need much coercion to visit a place that has both the words "coffee" and "wine". What sold me on going sooner than later were all the vegan friendly options!

The space is super cute and spacious. They have that sleek, minimalistic, modern aesthetic going on. I definitely see myself spending time writing blog posts and catching up with friends here. I forgot to ask where they get their coffee from but I got an iced coffee with oat milk! Y'all already know that I'm a fiend for oat milk. They offer made to order breakfast and lunches so we decided to take a seat and order some lunch after the UVA graduations.


Their po'boy is composed of breaded maitakes (my favorite type of mushroom), shredded lettuce, tomato, pickles, remoulade on baguette bread. They claim to make their remoulade and aioli in house vegan but I’d emphasize that you need the vegan ones. Those mushrooms were divineeee because they perfectly seasoned and fried them. I personally don't like baguette bread sandwiches but theirs is soft and yummy. Next time, I will request their sesame sandwich bread that the sandwich "The Mother" comes on. (I only know about that bread because my significant other ordered that and LOVED it).

Overall, we felt like for a newly opened place, our experience was a 4/5! Reasonable price, high quality goods, good vibes all around the space and sweet people working there. They take like 5-8 minutes to prepare the food it seems so don't go trying to rush them. Just go sip on some cold brew or wine and enjoy your time.