Breakfast Ideas

Honestly, truly, I am not even going to go down the laundry list of reasons to eat breakfast. It is a great disservice to your body to not fuel it after not having eaten for the last 6-10 hours since dinner (or that late night snack). Here are my top suggestions for breakfast that takes on average 5-10 minutes to make.

1. Coffee

I thoroughly enjoy making and drinking coffee. I like to try new beans every time I need a new bag. I prefer Light Roast Ethiopian beans the most. I like using my Moka Pot because I doesn’t use a filter, it’s quick & makes the coffee taste between an espresso and drip. I got this cute frother for 10$ at the World Market. So I heat this Oat Milk and froth it a little to add to my coffee. And if you’re not hip to it yet, oat milk is superior to all milks.

2. Bagel

There’s like endless options for bagels. But if you don’t want to go to a Bodo’s because that line is too long, opt for this instead! I had plenty of omnivores taste this cream cheese and there is a resounding ‘mmm’ between us all. It’s spot on. Spot on. And I think like 3$. Anyways, I like this option because in high school this was my go to and now I can be lazy and recreate it vegan.

3. Pancakes

Who doesn’t love a good pancake? I just use Bisquick but sub in a non dairy milk & vegan butter. You don’t need an egg substitute because if the consistency is right (thicker than normal), the pancake will come out fine. I basically light fry my pancakes in a skillet of oil to I can have crispy edges. But these are also fluffy & not flat because I add extra lemon juice and baking powder to the mix. My favorite topping combination is So Delicious’s Coco Whip, hemp seeds, cacao nibs and fresh strawberries with agave nectar! So good.

4. Breakfast Sandwiches

I grew up eating sausage, egg & cheese sandwiches so of course I still crave one! Whole Foods & Tofurky Co make very good sausage options that are nutrient dense & inexpensive. I‘ll use regular bread, a slice of VioLife cheese and a chickpea scramble. That scramble is simply half blended chickpeas, salt, pepper, paprika & nutritional yeast cooked in a skillet like scrambled eggs. This is hearty so it is not to be eaten every day haha! Something like 20g of protein.

5. Oatmeal/Grits

Both can be made with different textures so you got to find the one you like best. Don’t eat them plain. Throw some seeds, berries, protein powder, nuts, anything! This is too cheap and easy to pass up

Honorable Mentions without photos:

6. Avocado toast with bell peppers

Bell peppers have more vitamin C than oranges!

7. Yogurt & granola

There’s an insane amount of vegan yogurt offered lately. I suggest Kite Hill, So Delicious and Silk brands. Best granola to add is Hudson Henry!

8. Fruit Smoothie

All the best smoothies at the least consist of water, milk, ice, bananas, & fruit. Can’t really mess it up. Play with flavor combinations!!!

9. Breakfast Burrito

Go leftover bean chili? Roll that up in a tortilla with an avocado, sour cream or whatever is in that fridge and jet to work.

10. Cereal with non-dairy milk

I just hope that you are the type of person to put the cereal in the bowl before the milk...

11. Granola bar & fruit

Grab the Clif bar and a banana. Not hard to do boo.

I hope this post was helpful to those of you seem to “always forget” or “don’t have time” or “don’t have any good ideas” for breakfast in the morning! Let me know your favorite one and tag me on Instagram @with.carrington. And have a lovely morning!