Cinn City Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

Cinn City is situated in downtown Lynchburg, VA. Never heard of them or Lynchburg? Yeah most people haven't because its this cute cinnamon bun/cafe in an old, small town in the mountains of Virginia. Last place you'd expect any vegan options huh?

My boyfriend is actually from Lynchburg and we were going to visit his family. We were running out of birthday gift ideas and thought a sweet treat would be best. I was complaining how much I wanted a fancy cinnamon roll so he looked into finding one for me (he's great, I know). Closest to us here in Charlottesville was Cinn City! So, as soon as we got into town we picked up a few buns for his parents & 2 for us.

The buns are vegan but some toppings are not so you just have to see the menu to pick and choose your dessert. The server told us there wasn't a vegan cream cheese option but that the frosting still tasted close. To be honest with you, I thought they were going to be like those crappy cake frostings but IT WAS NOT.

Having that warm bun prepared and eating it immediately was quite the experience. I'd eat it once a week if I could. The ratio of cinnamon filling to soft bread was spot on. Not too big and not too small for the price of ~5$. The restaurant is cute and the servers were patient with us being overwhelmed with options. This is what we finally decided on:

1. My BYO: Maple Frosting topped with Pecans and Cinnamon Drizzle

10/10. Nothing else to say. It speaks for itself. Its like a pecan swirl and cinnamon roll had a baby.

2. Strawberry Amaretto: Almond Frosting topped with Strawberries, Almond Slivers and Strawberry Drizzle

Very Gourmet. Would eat again too lol. We actually had this one cold because we saved it for a late night treat. Even cold is was amazing!

3. Parents Birthday Spread:

Lemon Blueberry Special

Birthday Cake


Please forgive the not so great photo, since they weren't mine to eat it didn't unbox for photos. Only the Lemon Blueberry once was vegan that I got to taste and it was so lemon and perfect. His parents aren't vegan but they LOVED all of them which made us happy. I mean who doesn't love a good pastry?

All in all, I can't wait to go back again. Like seriously, it's going to make me want to go home more often just to indulge again. Thanks Cinn City for this cinnfully good bun!