Cooking with Chestnut Mushrooms

I am going to keep this article brief because I just want to give y’all some ideas of what to make with your chestnut mushrooms since there are so few recipes out there! We recently grew Chestnut Mushrooms at home because we have never seen or tasted them before. They are so cute and cozy looking! So we made our favorite comfort meals with them.

They smell really good but not too strong while cooking. They have a nice bite to them that isn’t mushy or tough. They have a deep earthy and savory flavor to them and aren’t like any other mushroom we’ve eaten. They are quite addictive to eat on their own!

Roasted Chestnuts:


½ pound of fresh Chestnut Mushrooms

2 tablespoons of melted Vegan Butter


  1. In a oven safe dish, dump freshly cleaned chestnut mushrooms in and drizzle melted butter all over

  2. Roast in oven at 400F for 10 minutes

  3. Eat!

We topped them on our homemade pizza and added them to a creamy pasta dish.

Honestly don’t think I will ever want any other mushroom on my pizza because these just simply tasted better on it than a plain ole baby bella. This pizza had the following: fresh made from scratch whole grain pizza dough, tomato sauce, salt/pepper/italian seasoning blend/onion powder/garlic powder, Miyoko’s Mozzarella cheese, heirloom tomatoes, baby arugula and roasted chestnut mushrooms. 10/10!!!

For the pasta dish, I just made a traditional alfredo sauce from scratch using Cobani Plain Extra Creamy Oat Milk and Follow Your Heart Parmesan Cheese with some crispy sage. Then we just mixed in some roasted chestnuts and devoured it. Any mushroom works with creamy pastas but these mushrooms brought a depth to the dish that others haven’t for me so far.

If you have never had Chestnut Mushrooms before, I am sorry but you’re missing out! You might get lucky to spot them at your local farmers market, in the forest or can order them dried online. But you can also grow them yourself! Here’s my how to grow mushrooms post and you can click here to buy mushroom goodies from North Spore using my affiliate link!

Let me know if you have tried Chestnut Mushrooms before by tagging me on IG/Twitter/TikTok/Facebook @withcarrington! Take care!