Full Moon Ritual

Every since I was a little girl, I've been the person to say "look at the moon!" My mother always allowed me to enjoy the magic that the universe had to offer. I always spent time outside in the tall grass rolling around to trying to learn all the constellations by heart to wanting to make a glittery potion during my childhood. Not much has changed other than I am fully engaged with learning any and everything "witchy". Apparently all things "witchy" are things I always associated with as being in tune with the natural and spiritual! So today I wanted to share with you all what my Full Moon Ritual consists of and why.

Why is the Full Moon important to me? Well I was actually born under it! I also feel the most energized the days leading up to, on and after the moon is at its biggest and brightest. I love the moon so much I write most of the poems in my book on it/under it haha! Tomorrow is the Libra Supermoon. So of course, as a Libra, I am over the moon excited for it (bad pun I know but I had to). There are 5 categories of things that I do every Full Moon and below I will just break down what I do for them. I have a Youtube video that explains the gist of what you can do for your own ritual here.

1. Purification

My spiritual baths are my favorite things to do monthly. I buy myself fresh roses to adorn the bath. Currently enjoying pink Himalayan bath salts and lavender oil in the water. Clear quartz wades in the water and candles burn beside me. I keep the water super hot and keep the door closed to create a sauna. Doing my best to stay in the bath for as long as possible I just rest and relax. After I take a cold shower to get clean. Hot water to release tension, cold water to re-energize. After I continue to pamper myself with an oil massage to the face, hands and feet. Finally get dressed in freshly cleaned linens.

2. Energization

Feel good music is ON. Dancing and singing is HAPPENING. I collect all of my crystals and place them along the windowsill to get charged under the moonlight. I also get a jar of water to create moon water by placing that along with the crystals. The window gets cracked then the room gets cleansed and blessed. Recently I have been using a bundle of white sage and dry lavender to burn.

3. Meditation

I find it most empowering to meditate with select crystals on or around me. I lie down in supta baddha konasana, hands on my heart belly ready to discover what I need to manifest for myself. I believe that anything I manifest for myself benefits me & others. My intentions are made for the increase of joy & decrease of harm in life.

4. Intention

After I meditate, I get really concise on what I intend on manifesting. I typically choose 3 words that capture all that I desire deeply. So it could be something like contentment, confidence and charm, I just love alliterations and simple things to remember. Then, these words are written down on paper prepared to be burned.

5. Manifestation

This is where the magic happens. Under the moonlight, I get my mortar and pestle in place along with a candle. I chose the color candle based on whatever intentions I have. I then affirm my intentions aloud. The paper goes over the flame and I drop the burning paper into the mortar. Both the candle and paper are left to burn out completely on their own. I keep watch because of awe and making sure I don't have a fire hazard haha!

I do this ritual because it is so much fun. I have been doing these rituals for about a year now and have tweaked it a lot to get it perfect myself. I highly suggest you create your own! This isn't necessarily a religious practice unless you want to make it one. If you want to believe in your magical powers then totally lean into them by performing a moon rituals! If you perform a moon ritual, please tag me on Instagram or Twitter @withcarrington.

Wishing you all the best during these times. Sending all the love and light from here to there!

xo Carrington