Hang Space

My best friend from college and I decided to both an hour to two hours to catch up and eat at Hang Space this weekend. She isn't vegan but I had gotten her super excited about going because of all the cool veganized classic foods I had seen on the menu.

Richmond has a ton of vegans and vegan spots so it is to not surprise of me that they were sold out of a few items on the menu. This is a newer restaurant and has a rotating menu with a few permanent items. The restaurant is a bit eclectic in design but I think it makes things fun. Thankfully, I still got one of the things I've been dying to try.

Chickn Parm

This sub sandwich was um BIG. I never even bothered to ask what type of plant protein the chickn was made of but I'll guess soy based. Regardless of what it was, it had a great texture and perfectly breaded. Their choice of cheese gave the classic mozzarella feel you'd expect on this. Marina sauce? Oh yeah that had a lovely spice blend in it (obviously not Prego, definitely a homemade sauce). It was nice that the bread sufficiently held it all together without making a mess. This didn't by default come with sides so we order fries. They don't skimp on how many fries you're going to get for 3$. I'm pretty picky about my fries and these were the gooooood kind.

My best friend got a slice of the Memphis Mafia Cake. I could only taste the cake portion because it has peanut butter on it and I'm allergic to peanuts. BUT the cake was moist and soft.

In closing, was Hang Space worth the drive? Absolutely. I will be back to try their Chic-fil-Ain't and Stk Lee Roth for sure.