Iron Paffles & Coffee

Iron Paffles & Coffee is this cute little place located in the Downtown Mall area of Charlottesville, VA. It is owned by the really sweet English women who is creating the best waffle sandwiches I have ever seen. Oh and what is a Paffle you ask? It's a pastry waffle!

Here you can get regular, vegan and/or gluten free paffles that can be topped/filled with savory or sweet items. All of the ingredients taste high quality and homemade.

You can choose to have an open faced paffle or paffle sandwich. I am always so so full from eating here but not sick to my stomach! When I want to try different flavors I just get 2 open face paffles. Depending on your toppings choice, getting 2 open face paffles and be roughly the same price as getting a sandwich.

Here is my paffle topped with the almond whip butter and blueberry compote. Definitely a dessert.

I don't get to sit down and enjoy a simple breakfast often so it is nice to conveniently go get a scramble from here. They use Twin Oaks Tofu to make the scramble and I love combining that with the spring salad mix, tomato and caramelized onions. Its great when you can have a healthy meal but it be tasteless.

My ALL TIME FAVORITE PAFFLE from here was one that was just a weekly special (I know sad). It was Indian inspired and encapsulated the traditional depth of flavor that is in that cuisine perfectly. This 10/10 paffle has an Onion Bjaki cake, topped with authentic Chana dal, red sauce, yogurt raita, spring mix and tomato.

The creativity and umami just ooooooozed out of this. I may never be able to eat this again but I'm thankful I got a chance to.

In short, go to Iron Paffles & Coffee SOON. Take a friend. Carve out some time to savor every bite. Oh and let me know what you order!