Plants & Pâté

Today my love and I stopped in Richmond, VA on our way back from Raleigh, NC to check out a very aesthetically pleasing plant shop/cafe. I've been following Pomona Plants on Instagram for a while now so this visit was long overdue.

This place was super easy to find on the corner of Venable Street. Walking in, I was blown away by how green and clean everything looked. They have sunlight pouring in through tall windows over a wide variety of plants right at your feet. They sell plants but also all the tools to help them thrive.

Here you can inhale both fresh air and a DELICIOUS meal. Embarrassed to admit that I had to ask the lady to explain the menu to me but she was sweet about it.

I got veryyy lucky because I got the last available Cafe Du Valkyrie veganized. It was luxurious because it was made with a "condensed milk" and has those fancy flavors you don't normally see at a coffee shop; cardamom, orange zest, cinnamon and ginger. It's hard to describe something with those flavor combinations but just know that it works. It works very well. My love got their Ethiopian blend as a pour over, that was smooth yet strong.

We decided to share a Winter Grain Bowl and a Bread with Spreads. The Bowl was very refreshing to eat, equal parts veggies to barley. It consisted of spinach, radishes, peppers, bok choy and a pickled egg (that he ate not I obviously). It gave me Asian flare vibes. Now the grilled Bread and Spreads were the best bites. I am soooo happy I randomly chose one sweet and one savory spread. The bread was airy, toasted not too crispy and stayed warm somehow until we finished eating it. The Mushroom Duxelles reminds you of a earthy pâté. Full of flavor, completely satisfying on the tongue when spread on the bread. Ugh. I miss it. I am not familiar with chutneys but the Apple Fig Chutney made me wish I never eaten any other sweet spread before. I adore figs so it was sweet but not tooooo sweet. Because of the apple, it gave me adult applesauce feels (I don't know how else to explain it so roll with me).

All in all, I give Pomona 10/10 for our experience. The prices were reasonable. You can tell its all handmade in house. You feel good the second you walk in to the second you walk out. Just wish I had the budget to bring home a new plant baby. I will be back soon!