Plants vs. Pets

Some of you may have noticed from my Instagram that I have recently become a plant mom. Plant parenthood is a fun endeavor I’ve recently embarked on for a few reasons. Today I want to share with you why I have chosen to taking care of plants instead of pets in this period of my life. To put things into context, I grew up always with pets, dogs mainly, and have a strong love for animals. I was a professional pet sitter through Rover for over a year too. People treat their pets like they are their children (and rightfully so). It is a massive responsibility to care for another living thing and if you’re ready for it then a pet or 4 is the way to go. But if you’re in a place in life environmentally or financially or emotionally that isn’t suitable, allow me to show you have plants can fill your soul.

1. Picking out the right ones

Just like how you can find a cute critter at a breeders or ASPCA, you have a few options for plants. I personally have found places like Lowe’s, Walmart and Home Depot have reasonably priced plants and a large variety. Those stores also have good prices for soil, pots etc. You can go to a plant store/nursery. Sometimes those can be AMAZING but most of the time those seem super pricey to me.

5th Season

Here in Charlottesville, we have 2 stores that I am quite fond of. There is 5th Season off of Preston Ave that has a nice variety of plants of domestic and exotic variety. They even have home brew materials which is cool for me who wants to get into making my own kombucha. I go here when I really need something specific, quick or a cute pot. I don’t buy plants from here because of the prices.

Me getting my marble pothos Amelia at E&T

Elzroth and Thompson is about a 10 minute drive down 29 from Charlottesville. They have everything from bushes to succulents to kale. My significant other and I love going here because it reminds us of the hometown feeling we grew up with. The people there are super kind and seem to remember us. The prices are very reasonable (almost too cheap because we have a hard time not buying too many at once). They are very helpful because we are novices. They don’t have the type of pots or soil we like to have but that’s a-okay. They are still our favorite!

You can also buy plants online but shop local!

2. Cost

Plants don’t require day care or clothes really. Just water really. Pots can go for 2-40$ depending on what you want. You can give the plants plant food but I haven’t seen a need yet for my houseplants so I haven’t purchased any. And that’s really it. You’ll need to repot plants every like 6-12 months depending on the type to replenish them with fresh soil but a bag of soil is like 5-20$.

3. Time

Plants typically can be left alone for a few days and then you just give them water. While pets (or worse children) need care and attention every day, every minute. I am going on vacation soon but confident the plants will survive for 4 days without me. The only time consuming thing that I personally do it wipe some leaves off from dust and re-potting.

4. Satisfaction

I enjoy seeing something grow physically. So I get very excited when I see new leaves or looking at pictures of months of growth. It fulfills my need to take care of something/the need to feel needed. Like these plants depend!!! On me to take care of them since they are inside. That’s great.

5. Decorative

If you’re a minimalist like me or just getting hip to the trendiness of adding plants to your home and work space, plants are great decorations. They just brighten up the room and evoke calmness.

6. Death is easier to accept

Okay so you will probably kill a plant or two but that plants death won’t hit you as hard as your dog or kid dying (just being honest). You know you have full responsibility over the plants success in living since it is not in nature. So when it dies, the lessons learned will be easier to accept.

7. Just because

Look just get a plant or two and try to take care of something, it’ll be good for you.


1. You will have to move your plants all over the house until you find a spot the plant likes to survive at

2. Research your plant care, DO NOT RELY ON THE MINI INFO SHEET

3. Get the right pot size for them to grow into

4. Talk nicely to them

5. Name them