Pop & Bottle

If you’re new here, you may be unaware of my coffee addiction. I must have a one cup a day or your girl gets a migraine. I know, it sounds bad BUT I love coffee so it’s totally fine!!!

Sometimes, I’m a running behind for work and have to skip on making a latte at home and have to use the Keurig at work. I despise that thing for the environmental damage all those K-Pods are causing (It takes 150-300 years for them to decompose!). I saw Pop & Bottle on Instagram and decided to give them a try for convenience sake. So here’s my review:

I ordered their variety package of 6 cold latte drinks. It arrived in a box with hella ice packs to keep it cool in travel. A variety pack of their vegan lattes is only 30$. I think it’s a reasonable cost considering that when I go to a cafe a vegan, flavored latte will run me 6-8$. So to have one in my fridge that’s easy to grab and go for 5$ each is nice.

This is the first one I tried and got hooked to lol. It tastes just like it says, a classic cold brew. If you enjoy the straight taste of coffee, go for this one.

This one was very good but was a borderline chai latte because it has some spice extracts like cardamom in it. I personally like a VANILLA vanilla latte if I’m going to have one, but this is still a hitter.

100% my favorite one. I love cacao slightly more than chocolate because of its earthy flavor profile and it compliments coffee better in my opinion. Cacao has health benefits too (ones I don’t remember at the moment but you got google too so lol). I will be ordering another box from Pop & Bottle of just this flavor soon!

A solid #2 in my heart. Would drink again in a heart beat.

They played NO games when it came to putting real turmeric in this. I’d suggest just for fun to pour this one out over some ice because drinking the whole thing straight if you’re not used to the taste of turmeric could be a bit intense. Turmeric is also an anti-flammatory so that’s live.

I don’t like green tea in general so I didn’t like this flavor. If you’re into it, go for it sis. Matcha is just too bitter to me, had to add sugar to it to finish.

Outside of the taste, cost & convenience of Pop & Bottle, they have other sweet perks. They are of course vegan, fair trade certified, gluten free, GMO free, organic and founded by women!!! The packaging and bottles are made from recycled materials and recyclable. Those things matter to me. I don’t ever promote brands that don’t align with my personal values wholeheartedly so know that I adore Pop & Bottle. I only wish I could buy a pack of just Classic Cold Brew and Cacao but you get what you get and don't throw a fit!

Order your box today here and tell me what flavors you get!