Rooted Delights- Vegan Cheeze!

Rooted Delights ( is a Virginia based, black owned business specializing in vegan cheeses. They are dairy, soy, nut, and gluten free! The base of the cheeses is oat milk. Y’all already know I’m big into making my own oat milk. Never thought about making it into cheese. But hey I don’t even have to because Rooted Delights got me covered.

I got to try their Mozzah Cheez Wheel and the Mild Cheddah. They both smell and slice like real cheese. Now I’ve missed eating mozzarella sticks desperately since going vegan over 3 years ago. So that is the first thing I attempted to make.

1. Slice mozzah into sticks

2. Dip stick in a bowl of a batter that is equal parts water and flour

3. Roll into gluten free italian breadcrumbs until evenly coated. (You can find these crumbs at Kroger for ~2$)

4. Fry in oil of choice for 2 minutes until golden brown

5. Serve up with some marinara sauce!

Let me just say this, my non-vegan boyfriend and I both took bites, looked at each other and were like “damn that hits”. I AM BEING SPOILED BY ROOTED DELIGHTS. I’m not even into cheese anymore because ya know ~Veganism~ but I do love having the option to have some junk food. Or I GUESS I can be healthy and make a caprese salad soon.

I also made a pretty good grilled cheese sandwich with the Cheddah. Ive never been a cheddar cheese lover but if you are it’s a must have.

Overall I’m quite impressed with the cheezes and love supporting local businesses. Check out their website on how to order.