The Juice Laundry

I’m going to keep this short & sweet because I have no critiques for The Juice Laundry. My first experience with their products was my 2nd year at UVA. I had taught a fitness class for an UPC sponsored event and TJL had provided basically sample sizes of every single juice they made. I was a novice to being a health goddess so I gagged at a lot of them lol. But I never thought “I’ll never go there again!” So over the years growing up, I’ve made it the go to spot when I want to catch up with friends or treat myself.

As you all know, I’m very vegan & very into the environment. TJL is by far my favorite place to go in Charlottesville for 3 reasons:

1. Organic goods

2. Sustainable goods (like these straws here/their bottle recycling program)

3. Always kind customer service

Featured here is one of their smoothie bowls & green juices! I normally can eat double the serving size of others (ya girl has a big appetite) but I struggle to finish such a deliciously, nutrient dense bowl. You ever try to eat something big and it seems like no matter how many spoon fulls you take, it’s not going down? Yeah that’s me vs the bowl.

I personally like more of their creamy juices. Nothing tastes wise compares in my opinion to the chili with cashew sour cream. They make all the components from scratch. It’s perfection. I love chili even more since first trying theirs like a year ago. The chili is hands down my favorite vegan bite in Charlottesville.

I also love going to TJL when I need a reset. I love my junk food but my stomach does not. So I went here to grab some things to settle things out. I grabbed a wellness shot with turmeric in it (an anti-inflammatory) & the ’Blue Dream’. Thank god I got both because I struggledddd with that shot. Something about Blue Majik is extra good for your immune system and gives you loads of B12 etc etc. I like the color blue soooo that’s why I grabbed it originally.

So yeah TJL is a 12/10. It’s cheaper than juices in LA but more expensive than a supermarket juice. If you want to know why they price things the way they do, they have an infographic in the store at the counter! Please go to my favorite place and fall in love like meeeee.