The Remedy Diner

Would you expect anything less from the capital of North Carolina than something aggressively Southern? Down south in Raleigh, there's is this great diner situated not far from downtown that is serving the American classics with their own twist. I convinced my family to go with me and they agreed that my food looked and tasted amazing.

Stepping into Remedy, everything is well lit by the natural sunlight and decorated in a very eclectic way (which I adore).

The Vegan Hot & Gooey

Essentially what you're drooling over is a gravy smothered double fried chicken, bacon and cheese biscuit with a side of crispy potatoes. Not going to lie, I was a bit overwhelmed when they brought my plate out. There was no "oh just pick it up and bite into it Carrington" option here. The thing was HUGE. I had to look prissy cutting into it was my fork and knife. I didn't care really because I wanted to inhale it after my first bite. I have no idea what the meat substitutes were made of (probably soy or wheat). Regardless they tasted like the meats I grew up eating every morning! Unashamed to say I felt like taking a nap after eating this dish.

Okay so what I took advantage of my family's indecisiveness to go eat somewhere I've been dying to go to? It was worth it! You see my smile? That's me laughing at my mom trying to take this picture. In exchange I had to let her have a taste of my food (sigh) but it was a fair exchange. She liked the seasoning in the gravy! When in Raleigh, gather up your family and swing by The Remedy Diner!