Tom Tom Festival

Tom Tom is hands down one of my favorites things about living in Charlottesville. I’ve been every since since attending UVA. They have an entire week full of events from speakers to showcases to block party concerts. The works. This year I attended two of their events, Silent Disco and Saturday’s Block Party.

A bunch of my friends and I rallied together to attend the Disco. It was downtown at the Jefferson. Nice big venue and the party wasn’t hot or crowded. You’re given headphones that have 3 different channels that correspond to 3 light colors. Each channel has a different DJ playing. The DJs were on stage in front of us so we could tell who was playing what. The plus about being able to see everyone’s headphone colors is that if you want your friends to be on the same song you can switch their channel manually or just point. It’s was a cool mix of people of Charlottesville and UVA students. Totally worth the money and experience.

Saturday I got my friends and boyfriend to go to the block party during the day. The live music is always the best because I don’t like paying for formal concerts. But we all know I came for the food.

There were a few solid vegan options there.

First were the jackfruit tacos and tropical smoothie we had from Soul Vegan Kitchen & Juice Bar. None of my friends had ever had jackfruit before but we all agreed these were well cooked and seasoned! Super cheap too, 3$ a taco. The smoothie was a must have because it was served in a pineapple. They are a new up and coming business so be on the look out for them to expand!

Second bae and I tried out the infamous Pearl Island. I was given a tip that they’d have a solid meal and I was not disappointed. They had creole beans, kale salad, rice and plantains. I was really hoping for tostones instead of the sweet plantains (personal choice but the sweet are good too).

We gave it a 10/10. It was the most filling and if you got everything in one bite, your tongue would be soooo happy. They are located in Charlottesville over at by the Jefferson School so know that I will be visiting again soon.

Dessert was a must after all that food and I was craving ice cream. Luckily the Wonderment food truck was out serving ice cream sandwiches. We got the toasted coconut ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies. It was real cold but once it melted, we ate it as fast as a 6 year old in the summer time.

Couldn’t resist getting some cold beers from New Belgium as we listened to the music. Voodoo Ranger is a banger.

Lastly, at one of the cutest vendors, bae bought me honestly THE BEST strawberry jam I have ever had. It is made by this company called Homegrown Virginia. I can’t wait to make some biscuits and eat it every single day.

Tom Tom Festival is special to Charlottesville so if you ever get to go, know you’ll have a unique experience.