Upgrading a Basic Pasta Meal

A little fun fact about me, I lived in Italy when I was 15, so obviously I ate really good pasta (like really good). I also grew up cooking so a lot of things come intuitively to me now. But I often forget that not everyone knows how to cook or be creative in the kitchen so I just wanted to share with y’all how you can elevate a pasta dish!

This meal serves 4 very hungry people or just 2 me’s haha. Cost me only 10$ and 40 Minutes.

1. Choose good pasta.

There are so many varieties of pasta you can get at the store! Be sure to read the ingredients to make sure theres no egg in it. For this I used Seggiano’s Tagliatelle. It’s not Gluten free but it is organic!

Always salt your water while it’s coming to a boil before adding your pasta. Helps it not stick together. Most pasta takes 10-15mins to full cook.

2. Veggies

I decided to try something new. I normally eat kale but I picked up some fresh spinach (not baby spinach, idk that tastes weird when cooked to me). I washed it thoroughly, chopped it up and steamed it. Then I transferred it to a skillet of already lightly sauteed chopped sweet onions & garlic in safflower oil. Garlic & onions go a long way and smell amazing in the house.

3. Spice up your sauce

You do not need to make a sauce from scratch or buy one already flavored. I just bought the Whole Foods brand of marina sauce and spiced it up. I put in some dry basil, ”Italian“ seasoning from Kroger that has like parlsey, oregano, etc in it, nutritional yeast, salt and pepper. I just poured into the skillet of veggies the jar of sauce and the seasonings. Then let it simmer for 10 minutes.

4. Lastly, cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? I’m a big fan of VioLife cheeses so when I saw that they had a parmesan block I was intrigued. Honestly, truly, it smells, looks & tastes like parmesan. Mind-blowing. Even melted nicely into my sauce!

5. Assembly

Don’t drain every drop of the pasta water out, leave a little because that’s bit helps the sauce adhere to the pasta noodles themselves. Get you a fun pasta bowl to eat out of (yes there is such a thing, I got mine from Marshall’s for 10$). Shred some more cheese on top and boom, a bangin, cheap, organic, vegan pasta ready to be devoured.

If you try these methods on your pasta let me know!!!!!!!