Vegan Beauty

Updated: Feb 13

I am a true Libra Sun through and through. I absolutely love anything that is high quality, that makes me feel beautiful and that is aesthetically pleasing. Above all, I value that my goods are sustainable, cause the least amount of cruelty as possible & actually work.

I grew up fully understanding the importance of hygiene, self-care and spoiling yourself. I have to admit however that adulthood got the best of me and I failed to make time to take care of myself.

Recently, I got super frustrated with my appearance. Not for any other reason than it was not outwardly apparent that I did not feel good on the inside. Stress was showing up in my acne, weak hair follicles and empty eyes. I’m not proclaiming that just these few things single handedly lifted me out of my depression BUT I will proclaim that now my list of reasons for feeling depressed has shortened.

I first want to point out that I tried all of the products listed below for 2 full months and this is not a sponsored post, it is genuinely from my little vegan heart. Second, Nikki Parrish told me to treat my skincare routine like a daily ritual for me to spend time with myself and that has been the best advice I’ve gotten in a really long time.

Daily Cleansing Set from Franklin & Whitman, 79.95$

This is the first skincare set I've ever purchased. I saw a lot of other vegan bloggers recommending it and I figured why not? The cleanser is an oil based one (and if Nikki did not teach me how to use it, I was going to give up lol). The toner is light and easy to spray on. The serum isn't thick yet it moisturizes nicely. None of these really have a scent which is cool! Frank&Whit also have a recycling program, sent this in biodegradable packaging and donate to charities!

Pore Warrior Exfoliator from Pacifica, 12$

I like this because I work in construction with a lot of dust and debris that I need to lift out of my skin that isn't harsh. The beads in it are plant based and it smells quite nice!

Rose Face Oil from Moon X Cosmetics, 18.55$

This oil is very hard to come by! They typically sell out very quickly. Why? Because it works wonders on skin. Its great for moisturizing, evening skin tone and hyperpigmentation. The owner is a Black woman and all of the products are vegan!

Jade Facial Spa Set from Mount Lai, 62$

This product is the newest for me. I apparently hold a lot of tension in my face (#stressedallday) so its nice to massage it out deeply at home. Mount Lai is a good company to buy from because of their history and commitment to creating great tools to practice traditional Chinese medicinal techniques.

Shampoo and Conditioner from Raw Sugar Living, 9.99$ each

So about two years ago I buzzed all my hair off just because. Now that its grown back into a full fro, I want to use products that worked not only with my hair type and texture but with my lifestyle. I shop at Target often so I was excited to find this and for it to work! All of their scents are lovely too.

Curl Cream from Miss Jessie’s, 22$

I not only need a good shampoo and conditioner, I needed a good style cream. I am still figuring out how to style my hair and so far Miss Jessie's has been at the least keeping my curls moist and defined.

Nail Polish & Polish Remover from Ella+MIla, 10.50$, 11.50$

I don't even paint my finger nails but I do enjoy having my toenails painted for yoga. I like how I could find these products at my local CVS and not have to go to like an Ulta necessarily. The remover is seriously one of the best products I've purchased in a long time. It didn't smell strong at all, it was like a beautiful lavender oil! My skin didn't dry out either. I will never buy another nail polish remover!!!!

Dr. Bronner’s Almond Soap, 18$

I am LOYALLLLL to Dr. Bronner's. I use it truly for all 18 ways it can be used in and outside the house. I have tried almost every single scent of theirs but the Almond one is the best to me! It reminds me of wedding cake. The best thing about this soap is that its biodegradable so yay for eco-friendly soaps.

Shea Butter from North Shea, 19.99$

If you want to support a Black, Woman owned business who connects the natural gifts from her home country to America, then you need to get some shea butter from North Shea! They are fair trade certified, organic and make the butters in small batches. My skin has never felt so luxurious honestly. The butter will feel thick at first but then melts in your hands.

Resting Witch Facials- Nikki Parish Services

Last but most certainly not least, I must share with y'all the person who taught me how to take care of my skin. Now, I've been to a dermatologist once and all they said were a bunch of medical terms and get me strong topicals that didn't work. Nikki is a licensed Holistic Esthetician and Professional Makeup Artist with 15 years of experience!!! She actually met with me via Zoom, and gave me an in depth assessment. She assessed my lifestyle and the products I had. She also taught me how to use them and gave recommendations for new ones to add in too. I was happy that she also knew how to help me as a person of color because skin full of melanin definitely differs from the opposite. Afterwards she sent me a detailed care sheet, the tarot card she pulled for me and a recording of our session. My skin bounced back better than ever after just a couple weeks. She helped me more from 3000 miles away than anyone else would right here. And for this, I am grateful.

I don’t have any special codes for any of these but if you try them please let me know what you think! Taking care of yourself is the best investment you can make. If these prices seem high, just remember that these goods last about 3 months. These are products that worked for ME so make sure you try things out to see if it could work for YOU. I can at the least attest that all of these brands are wholesome and accessible at a variety of retailers.

Sending all the love and light from here to there! - Carrie