Vegan Takeout

Everybody loves ordering takeout from their favorite American-Chinese restaurant on the weekend. For us vegans, it’s a little nerve racking to order because a lot of the foods are cooked with egg or fish oil. I recently have been on the mission to make cheap, easy, delicious takeout food at home and this is what I came up with.

NOTE: I do not ever use measurements when I cook so this isn’t a strict recipe post, mainly just a here are the ingredients, have at it!

Egg-less Rolls

Nasoya makes vegan egg-less rolls wraps for about 2$. Inside the package they describe how to properly roll one and what to stuff it with. I kept it simple with the following ingredients

Egg-less roll wraps

Coconut Liquid Aminos (Trader Joe’s is 2-3$ and I used this instead of soy sauce due to allergies)

Shredded cabbage and carrots

Finely diced white and green onions

Seasonings: Ginger, salt, pepper

Meaty things: can fill with mushrooms or chop up vegan hot dogs for the porky flavor.

Fried these for only 3 minutes in oil and seever with sweet and sour sauce that I bought premade from Kroger for 2$.

Veggie Lo-Mein

Honestly lo-mein is like a soy sauced pasta. A whole pack of lo-mein noodles cost only 2$ and I used a 6th of it to make a decent sized serving. Here are the remaining ingredients:

Lo-mein noodles

Coconut Liquid aminos or soy sauce

Peppers, onions and brocolli pan seared in sesame oil

Seasonings: ginger, salt, pepper, sesame seeds

You just cook the noodles for 5 minutes in boiling water. While that’s going cook your veggies in the oil for 5-8 Minutes. Combine allllll ingredients in one skillet and cook for a few minutes until well incorporated.

Thats it.

Sweet & Sour Sesame Chick’n

I know theres either sweet & sour OR sesame chicken but I wanted both at the same time haha. This dish is a little more labor intensive but so worth it.

Steamed Cauliflower Florets

Batter: water, flour, salt, sesame oil

Sweet & sour sauce

Sesame Seeds

Rice on the side

I steamed the cauliflower first to make it soft. Next, battered and deep fried it in oil. Then, I tossed it in sauce (you know the put it all in a container and shake it all up method?). Finally, served on a bed of rice and sprinkled seeds on top.

My non-vegan boyfriend said it was wildly exact to what you’d order from the Chinese place!

What I loved the most about these recipes is that I’m confident in the ingredients being vegan and I can control the saltiness. If you try these out, tell me!