Wellness Tips

Wellness to me is doing things that make me feel well loved. I just want to share with you 7 things I do ensure that I’m doing well.

1. Writing

I love writing in my journal. I never have an agenda for what I'll scribble down. I only strive to write in her once a week. Sometimes its recall of events or stream of consciousness thoughts or affirmations. Who knows what the next entry will entail. Writing for yourself is important. Nice to look back on.

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2. Treat Myself

I think it is very important that you occasionally indulge in the yummy things in life. As a foodie, I tend to try a lot of treats for reviews. Some of them I hold dear to my heart and vow to have at least once a month because I deserve a treat! I love this chocolate bar because it reminds me of those Crunch bars I loved as a kid. I also love this drink from Remedy Organics because it tastes kind of like a birthday cake!

Hu Chocolate Bar

Remedy Organics Blue Oxidants

Both found at Wegman's

3. Go explore plant shops

Yeah I have a lot of houseplants already BUT sometimes the plant shops get new shipments of goodies that are always fun to check out. Plus being in plant shops are good for your health for 2 reasons. First, the air quality is superior. Second, all the green stimulates calmness inside. Plant shops are also nice getaways when you don't have resources to go spend time outside! A mini slice of great outdoors can indeed be found indoors.

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4. Move My Body

You know me, my first idea for body movement is always going to be yoga. My yoga practice in studios are much more rigorous than my home practice. At home I get to set a mood with lights & smells good. I can move at my own pace and choose the poses that my body is yearning for. I can even drop into meditation faster because I am alone and focused and more in tune. However you want to move your body, it will be thankful for it.

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5. Give a Really Good Hug to Someone

Physical touch is such an amazing, healing thing. There are countless studies on the benefits of feeling the embrace of others improving both physical, mental and emotional health of someone. Not to braggg or anything but everyone always tell me I give really good hugs. That's just because I hug straight on, both arms wrapped around and squeeze for like 5 seconds.

It is my way of saying thank you physically for being here with me and how I can show love. Hugs are like my reset button. I will commission anybody (friend, partner, pet, family, etc) for a good hug especially after a long day. One of my favorite forms of intimacy is having long hugs with my partner because like you have to be truly comfortable with someone to sit/lay/stand there and hug for like 30 seconds.

Do hugs, not drugs y'all.

6. Have a Good Laugh

The fastest way for me to get a good laugh is by having a family conference call. My mom and brother are THE funniest people I know. The calls are pure chaos, just roast sessions and zigzag story telling. When I say have a good laugh I mean the kind that make you wheeze or makes your face sore.

7. Listen to Feel Good Music

Putting on perfectly curated playlists of your favorite songs on blast is a move. Better yet, you might as well have a solo concert with full on singing and dance number in your bedroom to your stuffed animals.


Whatever instantly elevates your mood, DO IT. Whatever instantly makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, DO IT. Whatever makes you love yourself exponentially, DO IT.*

Life is too short and magnificent for you not to enjoy yourself. Some of the best things in life are FREE so experience them as often as you can. You matter and deserve to feel good. So take care and get well soon.

*as long as it causes no harm, you're good to go