WPA Bakery

One of my favorite bakeries to visit is WPA Bakery in Richmond, VA. It is tucked away in this cute neighborhood in the downtown area of the city. These goodies are made in house and you can taste the love in them. They offer everything from canelés to pies to breakfast biscuit sandwiches to coffees. What is offered daily however changes and I believe that putting out variety of surprise baked goods makes every visit extra special.

WPA stands for Well-made Pastry Alliance. The ambiance is a more of a quaint bakery/coffee shop. I have never been when it was overwhelmingly loud or busy like most Starbucks. The staff is very knowledgeable and willing to make honest suggestions about what you'd love the most. They always have vegan options there and they tend to sell out of those quick.

The Food

Pear Olive Oil Muffin:

Pear is the type of fruit that doesn't have a strong flavor. It also has a texture that can easily go to mush when it is cooked. I was skeptical about how this would taste because I also felt like olive oil being it a baked good sounded more savory than sweet or wouldn't feel too oily in the mouth. I was pleasantly surprised by the distinct taste of cinnamon-y pear in this muffin. The muffin didn't crumble and wasn't hard on the edges. It was ever so simply a pleasant bite.

Blueberry Muffin:

This is by far the best blueberry muffin is have ever had. This is not an exaggeration. It was huge. The blueberries weren't mushy. The muffin itself melted in your mouth it was so soft and light. The best part was the brown sugar coating on top of it. Not only did that sugar give it texture but it amplified the flavor overall. I was honestly kind of sad when I finished it because I enjoyed it so much.

Lemon Raspberry Cake with Vanilla Frosting:

This cake is absolutely one of the best vegan cakes I've ever been fortunate enough to taste. Perfectly moist, textured and held together strong. The lemon flavor was incorporated really well because most lemon flavored things are overpowering. However, this cake had the lovely lemon almost aftertaste to it. Frosting wasn't overly sweet and their proportion of cake to frosting ratio was just right. And lastly the raspberry (I guess jelly?) on top had the fruity happiness you want to keep eating and scrap off the plate. Also I think its really nice they don't charge you to get almond milk to add to a drip coffee.

Bottom-line review: 5/5 I will keep stopping by WPA Bakery every time I visit Richmond.